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Dear Members.

I have been writing e-books mainly for the benefit of our younger generation, and posting them in the web www.scribd.com. These books are focussed to the young and may be pedestrian to the learned members.
Sriman Oppiliappan V Sadagopan has been instrumental to encourage me to write these books. On the occasion of Tiru Adipuram, I did a book on Andal-Tiruppavai. This has been written manily to benefit the devotees who are not conversant with Tamil language. The Tiruppavai text is presented in Roman script together with meaning.
I am delighted to quote the comments of Srima Sadagopan Swamin – “I am delighted to read the ebook on Thiruppavai .It is well written with nice illustrations . You have a style, which makes this e-book eminently readable even by anyone without deep awarenwss of the doctrines of our noble sampradayam. May the Divya Dampathi’s blessings be with you always to make additional sampradayams.”
On the Sravana Poornima day, I dedicated my e-book to Lord Hayagriva.
I share my books with our members by attaching in PDF format.
Tamarapu Sampath Kumaran
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