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Adi Pooram day - Sri ANDAL's avatAra dinam


Bhagavad Raamanuja Vaibhavam- 3.10- GodhA PiraaTTi Thirunakahsthram

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Mon Aug 1, 2011 10:44 pm (PDT)

SrimathE Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

Dearest all

Today (August- the 2nd ) is Thiru Adipooram. ANdAL's Thirunakshathram.

Let us meditate on the most compassionate and most merciful Divine Godha PiraaTTi and surrender to Her Lotus feet.

Swami Desikan starts off the GodhAsthuthi, which is reported to have been sung by Swami, when he was greatly captured by GodhA's Divine Beauty in the streets of Sri Villiputthur during a procession (Uthsavam) on the day of which Swami was obsevring Mouna vratham (perhaps, PradhOsham time).

GoDhA looked gracefully at Swami and allured him as if she says "Hm.... Sing .. Come out..VedantaAchAryarE!"
Swami blessed us with 29 excellent verses of GOdhAsthuthi. (one less than 30 pAsurams of ThiruppAvai)

SaraNAgathi at the Holy feet of GodhA PirAtti

SrivishNuchittha kulanandana kalpavaleem
Srirangaraaja harichandana yoga drusyaam I
SakshAth KshamAm karuNayA KamalAmivAnyAm
GodhAm ananya saraNa: SaraNam prapathyE II

O GodhE ! I perform Prapatthi at Your sacred feet as one , who has no other recourse ! I have no one else to save me . You are the Kalpaka creeper adorning the Lord standing as the auspicious HarichandanA tree in the flower garden of the Kulam of VishNuchitthA , your father. The darsanam of You united with Your Lord tightly as the divine kalpakA creeper and the celestial HarichandanA tree is a blessed sight to see .
In Your infinite patience with the aparAdhis , You appear verily
like Bhumi dEvi and in your limitless compassion , You resemble
Maha Lakshmi Herself . I offer my Prapatthi at your sacred , lotus
feet as the one , who has no other means !

Andal - was the only female alwar. The greatness of Andal is explained in many ways by our preceptors.
Andal was only a 5 year old child. Can we take her words as an authority ?
She is a female, and they are not supposed to learn the vedas. How could she ever deliver the meaning of vedas in her verses.

She has sung only in Tamil which is not a dEva bhAsha. Can it give the
essence of veda/vedanta ?

These are all some of the often repeated questions on Andal. If we know a
little about the cause for Andal's birth , we would be cleared of all these doubts.

BhUmAdEvi was submerged in the ocean by an asura called Hiranyaksha. Lord
SrimannArAyana took the incarnation of a big boar (varAha) and went into the ocean to uplift up BhUmAdevi. She was lifted up and made sit in the lap of the Lord. Still bhUmAdEvi was shivering. Lord asked her for the reason. She replied politely :" O ! my nAthA! You have protected me . But still I am not satisfied, because our children in the samsArA are helpless. They cannot practice Gnana or karma or Bhakti yoga as preached by you in the vedas with their limited knowledge. So you must be kind enough to show them a simpler way to reach you " Lord understood the affection of bhUmAdEvi towards her children and gave a fitting reply:

"The simplest way to reach me is 'swasya ca kIrtanam, prapadanam, swasmai
prasUnArpanam' " This means that with all three organs of senses(karanam)
viz. manas , vAk and kAyam (speech, action and thought)we must surrender to the Lord. Think only about him, act only for his pUja, and speek only in praise of Him.This teaching is known as "sUkaram Sonna sukarOpayam". SUkaram = boar , sukarOpayam = easy way. Immediately bhUmipiratti grasped this easy means to reach the Lord and thought it fit to be preached to us in this samsAra.

So she incarnated as AndAl and descended in this world. Andal is none else
but BhUmAdEvi herself. Swami manavAla mAmunigal says "emakkaga anro ingu
andAl avatarittaL ". It is for us she neglected her eternal bliss in
paramapada and descended to this wretched world. Can we now question that
she is only a girl or 5 years old or she has sung in tamil ?

The preachings of VarAha is enscribed in the 5th verse of tiruppavai
"vAyinAl pAdi , manatinAl cindikka, tUmalar tUvi tozhudu" . This is the same as surrender with the 3 organs.

Can AndAl's verses be taken as pramAna (source of knowledge)? Why not ? Let us take an example. Swami Desikan says: VAlmIki's itihAsa Sri RAmayana is nothing but vEda. (vEda pracedasadAsIt sakshAt ramAyanAtmana) No one question's its authority. Who is VAlmIki? - one who took birth from valmikam - an ant hill. Ant hills are the ears of Mother Earth - bhUmadEvi. Now , could you notice a subtle point here ? ValmIkam, which is a only a part of Mother Earth, gave birth to VAlmIki. His verses are unquestioned pramAna. If this is the case, when Mother Earth herself incarnates as AndAl , can we question the authenticity of her works ?

Thus we revere tiruppavai as "vedamanaitukkum vithu". Where are the meanings of vEdAnta embedded in tiruppavai? Swami Periavachan pillai and Nayanar beautifully explain all the hidden vEdantArthAs in each verse of tiruppavai
[From Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami's upanyaasam]
Also, Sri Manavala Maamuni says:

inRO Thiruvaadippooram;- emakkaaga anRO inghu ANdAL avatharitthaaL-
kunRaadha vaazhvaana vaikuntha vaan bhOganthannai igazhdhu
AzhwAr ThirumagaLaaraay.

Beautiful and simple: Maamuni says: Today is Thiruvaadipporam. Andal
appeared only for us; She sacrificed Her eternal Vaikunta enjoyment and
living and appeared here as the human daugher of AzhwAr. (What a compassion of Bhumi Piraatti!)

Srimanyai VishNu chitthaaryamanOnandhanahEthavE!
nandhanandha sudharyai gOdhaayai Nithya MangaLam!!
-Sri Manavaala Maamunigal

AndaL ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Namo Narayana

Adi Pooram : Sri ANDAL AvatAra dinam

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Mon Aug 1, 2011 10:44 pm (PDT)

SrI :
Dear BhakthAs of GodhA PirAtti :
adiyEn wishes all of You a very happy Adi Pooram celebrations at your homes and joyous reflections on ANDAL�s dhivya Prabhandhams.
The Kaimkarya Yatraa has taken our likhita Kaimkarya ghOshti team through many a delightful and uplifting journeys and permitted us to grow our Bhagavat Bhakti and reverence for our AchArya SrI Sooktis .
It is already Adi Pooram day , Sri ANDAL�s avatAra dinam in India . We will be celebrating Soodikkoduttha NaacchiyAr�s upadesams thru Her Prabhandhams tomorrow here in USA .
My sister Vaiknuntha Vaasi Padma VeerarAghavan was one of the blessed bhaktais of GodhA PirAtti . Through Her , adiyEn had many Kaimakrya bhAgyams at SrivilliputthUr and was able to pay tributes to ANDAL with the help of our team members . We created a web site to celebrate my dear sister�s devotion to Godhai and named that site ThiruppAvai ( http://www.tiruppavai.org) . Sri Anil designed that web site and Srimathy Malavika Muralidharan populated it as a tribute to my sister .
Other ebooks on Soodikkoduttha NaacchiyAr�s Prabhandhams in our sites are :
1) ebook # 62 on Thiruppavai (157 Pages) http://www.sundarasimham.org
2) ebook#3 on GodhA Stuti (90 Pages) http://www.sundarasimham.org
3) ebook #6 ,Srimath Poundareekapuram Andavan Swamy�s commentaries on ThiruppAvai (114 Pages).
4) ebook #54 , NaacchiyAr Tirumozhi ( 438 Pages) , V.Sadagopan and Smt.KalyANi Krishnamachari
Please Enjoy them , when you find some time in between your busy schedules .
SrI ANDAL ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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