Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aavani Avittam-clarification

Re: Some Questions about AAvani Avittam
Posted by: "ramasarat"   ramasarat
Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:58 am (PDT)
I see two snanams (1 & 4) in your list.
Kamokarshith Japam should be done immediately after PrathaSandyaVandam whether you change Poonal or not for this Japam.
Dr. K. P. sarathy
No need to change poonal for 'Kamokarsheet'
Changing of poonal at Upakarma Kandarushi tarpanam is said as Karmangam.
In, NVS <vaideekam@... wrote:
 It is found Perfect & OK.
 On 10 August 2011 17:58, Srinivasan Chari <srinivasan.chari@...wrote:
  Adiyaen SrinivasaDaasan writing from Perungalathur;my MOB:9176696408
  Can Adiyen perform the AAvani Avittam in the following Order
  1. Do Snaanam
  2. Perform Pratahas Sandya
  3. Do Upaakarma Sankalpam
  4. Snanam
  5. Wear Sacred Thread
  6. Perform Kaamokaarisheeth Japam
  7. Perform Madyahnika Sandya
  8. Perform Bhagvat AAradhanaa
  9. Perform Kandarishi Tharpanam
  10. Recite Vedaaramba Mantarams
  11. Conclude after prostrating before Periyavargal
   In the above order there is no second snaanam and wearing another sacred
  thread after the sankalpams
  Kindly tell me sir if the above order is OK

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