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Difference between Abishkam and Thirumanjanam

Difference between Abishkam and Thirumanjanam

Difference between Abishkam and Thirumanjanam.  Clarification pl     
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Subject: Re: Difference between Abishkam and Thirumanjanam. Clarification please.

Dear Srimathy Srinivasaraghavan :
These are quite different . VaishNavite Thirumanjanam is elaborate and has many upachArams prescribed by VaikhAnasa and PaancharAtra Agamams . It is accompanied by Pancha sooktams , AzhwAr AruLiccheyalkaLs ( NeerAtta Paasurams of PeriyAzwAr ) , Thirumanjana Kattiyams culminating in Yeera Vaadai with TuLasi garland . For details of the VaishNavite Thirumanjanam  . The 52nd ebook in the Sundarasimham ebook series has a lot of details on VaishNavite Thirumanjanam :
The esoterical content of the dialog of the Jeevan with the PerumAl enacted at the final phase of Thirumanjanam with the Lord in wet vastrama nd TuLasi maalai has no comparison and captures the essence of VisishtAdfhvaita Tattvams (i-e) the realtionship between Jeevan as a Seshan of the Lord and Sriman NaarAyaNan as the Sarva Seshi of Jeevana nd Prakruti .
Perundevi ThAyAr Thirumanjanam video is attached .
Please also google search “ Srirangam+Thirumanjanam for videos on the ancient paddhati of Thirumanjanam for Sriranganathan . On the right hand side are the links for Thirumanjanam at Sri villiputthur , Kaanchi , Thirumala . The NeerAtta utsavam at SrivilliputthUr is an important festival and you can also access it via google .
You can google search “rudrabhishekam” and discern the striking contrasts of abhishekam and the Thirumanjanam for Sriman Narayanan.
AbhishEkam in VaishNavite parlance means  the Thirumudi of PerumAL and His crown .
NamO SrI NrsimhAya,
From: jayasri srinivasaraghavan
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Subject: Difference between Abishkam and Thirumanjanam. Clarification please.
Normally, abishekam is used by Saivaites and vishnuvaites use 'thirumanjanam'.  Is there any other difference?   Please clarify.

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