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Some Veda Mantra, Veda Sukta, and shloka audio files

The following Audio files collection provides a direct link to Shri Satish Uppathil's website, where he has hosted more than 20GB worth Shloka, suktas, mantra, talks and other resources relating to Hindu Dharma. Shri Satish graciously and promptly agreed to my request for providing a link to his website from our website. He said in his e-mail :
"I am heartened to see that the website I have hosted could be of use to you. My intention in hosting the website is to be a distributor of contents from IISH* - anyone interested could download, stream or link from from other site. So the answer is, YES you can provide direct link. Do whatever best suits your interest and resource."

In this age of Intellectual property protection, Shri Satish is carrying on the age old, but ever new Dharmic tradition of FREE sharing of knowledge to all seekers. I urge you to visit his website. You can visit with the confidence that the site is "copy-lefted" and "Ad-free"

*IISH - Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage.
  1. Isavasya Upanishad
  2. Mantra pushpam
  3. Devi Suktam
  4. Annapurna Stotram
  5. Raghava Stotram
  6. Siva Stotram
  7. Hiranyagarbha Suktam
  8. Bhu Suktam
  9. Saraswati Suktam
  10. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, Jyotirbrahmanam
  11. Mahanarayana Upanishad-1
  12. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad
  13. Purusha Suktam
  14. Neela Suktam
  15. Bharatha Vanthanam
  16. Chandrasekharashtakam
  17. Rama Stotram
  18. Govinda Damodara
  19. Agni Suktam
  20. Durga Suktam
  21. Narayana Suktam
  22. Ganeshatharvasirsham
  23. Mahanarayana Upanishad-2
  24. Aitareya Upanishad
  25. Sri Rudra prasna, Chamaka Prasna
  26. Vishnu Suktam
  27. Bhaja Govindam
  28. Devi Stotram
  29. Bhavanyashtakam
  30. Ganesa Stotram
  31. Rathri Suktam
  32. Medha Suktam
  33. Sri Suktam
  34. Narayano Upanishad
  35. Taittiriya Upanishad-Brahmananda Valli, Bhrgu Valli
  1. Surya Namaskar (DOC file)
  2. Sandhya Vandanam booklet (PDF)
  3. Shri Krishna Pooja vidhi Sanskrit (PDF)
  4. Shri Krishna Pooja vidhi English (PDF)

Stotra Ratna Mala
Translations of Selected Stotras into English
Stotra Ratna Mala is the result of a stupendous effort by Prof. Rama Chander, who has graciously allowed us to benefit from his work. Here's what Prof Rama Chander said in his e-mail :
"My name is Ramachander, originally from Kerala and am a resident of Bangalore. One of my aims in life is to bring the majesty of Sanatana Dharma to our youth. In this connection, I have translated into English, the following Sthothras from Sanskrit, Tamil and Malayalam. All this are put together in a CD and I would like to give this CD to any organisation like yours interested in the propagation of Dharma so that every devotee can benefit. Except for an acknowledgement, I do not expect anything."

More of Prof Chander's work can be found at his website.

Stotra Translations - Index

I. Prayers addressed to Vishnu

  1. Achyuthashtakam
  2. Bhaja Govindam
  3. Madhurashtakam
  4. Mukunda Mala
  5. Nama Ramayanam
  6. Namam Japikkuga (From Malayalam)
  7. Sree Vishnu shodasa nama stotram
  8. Thiruppavai (From Tamil) - No transliteration
  9. Venkatesa suprabatham
  10. Vishnu sahasranamam

II. Prayers addressed to Shiva

  1. Shiva Panchakshari Stothram
  2. Shivaparadha kshamapana stotram
  3. Thiruvembavai(From Tamil) -No transliteration
  4. Shivanada lahari

III. Prayers addressed to Devi

  1. Abhirami andhathi (From Tamil) -- No transliteration
  2. Annapurnashtakam
  3. Devi mahtmya sthothra Ashtakam
  4. Indrakshi Sthothram
  5. Kanaka Dhara Sthothram
  6. Lalitha Sahasranamam
  7. Lalitha trishathi
  8. Mahalakshmi ashtakam
  9. Soundarya Lahari

IV. Selected Vedic Hyms

  1. Laghu Nyasa
  2. Rudram
  3. Chamakam
  4. Purusha suktham
  5. Narayana suktham
  6. Sri Suktham
  7. Vishnu suktham

V. Prayers addressed to other Dieties

  1. Adithya hrudayam
  2. Anjaneya stotram
  3. Ayyappa suprabatham (From Malayalam)
  4. Dattathreya sthothram
  5. Guha panchakam
  6. Hanumath stotram
  7. Jnanappana(From Malayalam)
  8. Mathru panchakam
  9. Nava Graha Sthothram
  10. Nirvana shatakam
  11. Nithya sthotra parayanam(addressed to several Gods)
  12. Surya Ashtakam

VI. Prayers associated with Rituals –Only manthras with explanatory notes

  1. Sandhya Vandanam with Summary meaning
  2. Prayers to Pithrus(Tharpanam) with summary meaning.-Iyers
  3. Prayers to Pithrus (Tharpanam) with summary meaning-Iyengars

VII. Parayana material

English Translation of Sundra Kandam and no transliteration
  1. An Introduction to Ramayana
  2. An Introduction to Sundra Kanda
  3. Parayana Vidhana of Sundra Kanda
  4. Samkshepa Ramayana
  5. Sundra Kandam -- Chapters 1-9
  6. Sundra Kandam -- Chapters 10-15
  7. Sundra Kandam -- Chapters 16-25
  8. Sundra Kandam -- Chapters 26-35
  9. Sundra Kandam -- Chapters 36-46
  10. Sundra Kandam -- Chapters 47-56
  11. Sundra Kandam -- Chapters 57-68

VIII. Miscellaneous

  1. Narada Bhakthi Sutram

IX. External Links

  1. Cincinati Temple Download Link



Kerala Brahmin said...

Dear Friend,
Thanks for reference to my work. Unfortunately the geo cities web sites were closed down by yahoo. You can see my stoitra translation in
May God bless you, Ramachander

A.Thiagarajan said...

When they do the surya namaskar, they recite some additional slokas - sheekshavalli, narayana valli in addition to Suryanamaskar & navagraha slokas.
I would like to know of all the slokas/manthras which are to be recited to do a full/complete suryanamaskaram is available anywhere for downloading? Will a Tamil copy be available?
Thanks -