Wednesday, February 17, 2010

முகுந்தமாலா pdf

Mukunthamala pdf

Audio of MukundamAlA Stotram

I have the great privilege and honour of presenting the chanting of all the slokams of MukundamAlA Stotram by ShrIman Sunder Kidambi who has a majestic voice to reflect the devotion to the Lord. He has himself also recorded his chanting in mp3 format to help devotees to learn and recite this important stotram. My thanks to him personally and on behalf of all devotees of Sri Krishna for this invaluable Kaimkaryam.

You can hear the chanting of the complete stotram by clicking HERE. The sound file has been condensed by me to facilitate quick download.

The sound file in its original size may be accessed at:


Whereas the sampradayic prayer-chanting is provided in the audio file linked above, the individual pages for the slokams open with devotional music in the rich, melodious voice of Shri PB Srinivas singing the slokams . Since this is a private non-commercial web-site for the use of Sri Krishna Bhaktas, I have taken the liberty of adding this audio for the slokas from my tape of the bhakti-filled rendering by Shri PB Srinivas. If this is not OK, I shall remove the corresponding links immediately on being informed by him.


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