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Margazhi Ketai-Periya nambi Tirunakshatram - An interview with Periy
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Wed Dec 20, 2006 4:51 pm (PST)
Importance of Margazhi Ketai:Marghazhi Maasam, Ketai (Jyeshta) thirunakshatram is a very great occasionfor all of Srivaishnavism. It is the day on which three greats of ourSampradayam, Tondaradippodi Azhwar, Periya Nambi & Kooranarayana Jeerblessed us by taking birth in this world.Tirumaligai of Periya Nambi swamy:Today we will let our readers share in the experience of the Thirunakshatramcelebrations of Periya Nambi, at the Periya Nambi thirumaligai located onEast Chittrai street, right next to the Chittrai ther(car). When thevolunteers for this assignment reached the Thirumaligai, we were warmlygreeted by Sri U. Ve. Periyanambi.R Sunderajachari swamy and Sri U. Ve.Periyanambi.R . Narasimhachari swamy, the 45th generation in the line directdescendants of Periya Nambi. With a sharp twinkle in their eyes and an eagerenthusiasm in their voice they invited us in, and allowed us to have adarshan of their Thiruvaradhanam Perumal. We could not believe that we wereinside this great Thirumaligai, standing on the ground where our RamanujarHimself has delivered several kalakshepams. The old-style structure of theThirumaligai, since the times of Swami Ramanujar, has not undergone manychanges. Apart from a fresh paint job, they were the same sturdy, slightlyrough surfaced pillars which stood strong and imposing, reminding us of ourevanescence, and at the same time, reminding us of the timeless glory of ourSampradayam.Tiruvaradana Perumal-Varadar:The Periya Nambi Thirumaligai is a very unique one in Srirangam. TheTiruvaradhana Perumal in this Thirumaligai is none other thanVaradarajaperumal of Kanchipuram. Usually one finds that the TiruvaradhanaPerumal of most residences in Srirangam is Lord Ranganathar, Him being themain deity of the Kovil here. However, as Sri Sunderajachari Swamy explainedto us, Varadaraja Perumal has a special link with the Periya NambiThirumaligai. During Swami Ramanujar's times, Devaraja Perumal had spokensix divine commandments to Thirukkachi Nambi, the sixth of which had to dowith a certain 'Mahapoornar'. Devaperumal tells Thirukkachi Nambi to tellRamanujar to get samashrayanam from 'Mahapoornar', upon which Nambi shouldadopt Ramanujar as Sishya. Subsequently, 'Mahapoornar' performed PanchaSamskaram for Swami Ramanujar at the Madhuranthakar Kovil near Kanchipuram.'Mahapoornar' is none other than Periya Nambi. Since it was VaradarajaPerumal who showed Ramanujar who to adopt as Acharyar, He has a specialsignificance to the Thirumaligai.Unique greatness:Periya Nambi has borne testimony to the greatness of Swamy Ramanujar bydoing something that is otherwise unheard of in our Sampradayam. WhenRamanujar was coming along in a ghoshti, His Acharyar Periya Nambi fell athis feet. Has it ever been heard of in Sampradayam that an Acharyar falls athis sishyan's feet? However, so much was the bhakthi of Periya Nambi towardsRamanujar that he considered the latter not as his sishyan, but asAlavandar, his own Acharyar. Seeing Ramanujar as his own Acaryar andrecognizing his greatness, Periya Nambi fell at his Lotus Feet. Such is theunique greatness of Periya Nambi. Another incident which shows his Bhakthitowards Ramanujar, was when he gave up his eyesight along with Koorathazhwanafter their encounter with the Shaivite king, Krimikanta-chola.How does Lord Ranganathar honour the members of Periya Nambi Thirumaligai?How did they celebrate his 1010 th Thirunakshatram? This will be presentedin the second installment of this article on Periya Nambi.Herewith, we have the bhagyam of worshipping Periya nambi swamyTirumaligai Emberumangal (along with Periya Nambi swamy).-- -- ever-in-divine-service,KAINKARYA SREESrimaan Trust (Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham) address:231 South Uttara St, Srirangam, Trichy-6 Ph 0431-2431109Email:India - srimaantrust@gmail.comUSA -
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