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திருக்குருகைப் PIRAN

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Dear BhakthAs of Swamy NammAzhwAr and His Charama Prabhandham of ThiruvAimozhi:

adiyEn invited your attention to the Rebuilding and samprOkshaNam of the Unique Sannidhi for Thirukkuruhai PirAn PiLLan at Anaikattu ( Sri Rangaraja ) Thiruveedhi at Kaancheepuram . This sannidhi was created at the suggestion of Srimad MukkUr Azhagiya Singar by VaikunThavaasi Sri Sudarsana TatAchAr Swamy , who was the leader of the Veda PaarAyaNa ghOshti of Lord VaradarAjan .

This unique sannidhi for Sri PiLLAn , the author of the 6,000 Padi Bhagavath Vishyam is being restored after being in a state of repair and samprOkshaNam date has been set up in the near future with the help and support of AastikAs .

Please participate in this Kaimkaryam to pay our tribute to Sri PiLLAn , the Jn~Ana Putrar of AchArya RaamAnuja and the author of the First Commentary on ThiruvAimozhi . AchArya carried out the wish of Swamy
AlavanthAr to have a commentary written on ThiruvAimozhi through Sri PiLLAn known as Bhagavad Vishayam . It is part of the four KaalkshEpa granthams for SrI VaishNavAs as ordained by AchArya RamAnuja .

adiyEn is enclosing a MaNi PravALam tribute to Thirukkuruhai PirAn PiLLAn by Srimad U.Ve . NaavalpAkkam Sri Ayyaa Swamy . AdiyEn will summarize the highlights for those who might find it difficult to read the original Text :

1.Thirukkurkai PirAn PiLLAn is the second son of Thirumalai Nambi ( SrI Saila PoorNar) , one of the five AchAryans of Sri RaamAnuja and latter’s uncle . Sri PiLLAn received Pancha SamskAram from AchArya RaamAnuja. He had attended dhivya Prabhandha KaalakshEpa GhOshti of His Father , Sri Thirumalai Nambi as a boy.

2. Sri PiLLAn belongs to the Mahaa Vamsam of Sri Naathamuni and His grandson , Swamy AlavanthAr , who both were agrESarars in Hari CharaNa Kaimkaryams .

3. The DramidOpanishad BhaashyakArar , Sri PiLLAn has the Thirunakshatram of Iyppasi PoorAdam . His Bhakti for dhivya dampatis is AajAna Siddha Bhakti ( The firm Bhakti starting already from His birth) .
His dhivya Prabhandha PrAvaNyam ( expertise) helped him to complete the DrAviDa VedAntha (ThiruvAimozhi) BhAshyam .

4. AchArya RaamAnuja appointed Sri PiLLAn as Ubhaya VedAntha SimhAsanAdhipati and he was celebrated for His Sookshma Jn~Anam , Satvrutti and Bhagavd-BhAgavatha PrvaNya Buddhi ViSEsham by KurESar , KiDAmbi AcchAn , ParAsarar and others , who were contemporaries of AchArya RaamAnuja . The Taniyan of SaakshAth
Swamy celebrates Sri PiLLAn this way : “ YaamAnArya truteeyam ManOratham pooritavaan “ ( Onwe who filled the third wish of Swamy Alavanthar) . SrI SaakshAth Swamy surrenders at the sacred feet of Sri PiLLAn this way : “ SrI Saila vamsya KurukESwara naambhAjam , Sri BhAshyakAramaparam SaraNam PrapatyE “. adiyEn surrenders to KurukkESar of SrI Saila Vamsam ,who is recognized as the other BhAshyakArar. This refers to AchArya RaamAnuja as the BhAshyakArar of VyAsa Sootrams and Sri PiLLAn as the other BhAshyakArar , who blessed us with BhAshyam for ThiruvAimozhi ( DramiDOpanishad).

5. In His own majestic words , Sri NavalpAkkam Ayyaa Swamy sums up the Kaimakryam performed by SrI PiLLAn at the behest of AchArya RaamAnuja to fulfill the wish of Swamy AlawanthAr at the time of His deha ViyOham : “ Sriman NaathamunikaLAlE samrakshitamaha irunta ThiruvAimozhikku Sri ALawanthArin ManOrathAnuguNamAha sameecheena vyAkhyAnam seyvikka vENumenRu EmperumAnAr ThiruvuLLam PaRRi aruLi , EmperumAnAr saadhittu aruLina arthattin pdiyE ( SrI PiLLAn) VyAkhyAnam seythAr “.

6. The full meaning of the Vedams are shining in the Bahgavsd Vishaya BhAshyam . ThiruvAimozhi is Veda and is a testament as well as lakshaNam for Parama Purushan .With His svAbhAvika Dhivya Prabhandha PrAvaNyam, and scholarship in SrI BhAshyam , SrI PiLLAn completed brilliantly His DhramiDOpanishad BhAshyam and became the SimhAsanAdhipati for Sri BhAshyam based on Sanskritic Upanishads as well as DramiDOpanishad,
ThiruvAimozhi . Thus Sri PiLLAn was appointed as Ubhaya SimhAsanAdhipathi by EmperumAnAr .

Please contact Sri P.V.SatakOpa TaatAchAr Swamy at his mobile in Thirussur ( 91-944-757-3942 ) or adiyEn ,
if you could take part in this Kaimakryam . We need only one laks of Rupees to reach the target .

May we all be blessed to visit Sri PiLLAn Sannidhi at Kaanchipuram and receive the anugraham of Sri PiLLAn for gaining dhivya Prabhandha Jn~Anam to guide us !

NamO SrI RaamAnujAya,
DhAsan , Oppiliappan Koil V.Sadagopan

Additional Points about 6000 Padi of Thirukkuruhai PirAn PiLLAn :

1. The word Padi or Grantha is a unit of 32 letters. It is customary to refer to the length of a MaNipravALa commentary on ThiruvAimozhi in terms of number of units ( Padis) it comprises . There are 6000 Padi
( Sri PiLLAn) , 9000 ( Nanjeeyar, Sri RangarAmaanuja) , 12,000 (VaadhikESari Alakiya MaNavALa Jeeyar ) ,
18,000 ( Periya ParakAla Swamy ) , 24,000 ( PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai, SaakshAth Swamy) and 36,000 Padis
( IDU 36,000 Padis of Vadakku Thiruveethi PiLLai .

2. Sri PiLLAn’s Bhagavad Vishayam is the First Commentary written at the niyamanam of AchArya RaamAnuja .
“From the style and the extensive Sanskrit phraseology used in it which is similar to that of RaamAnuja , it is evident that PiLLAn is faithfully following RaamAnujA’s Teachings “.

3. Sri PiLLAn’s commentary is breif , precise and terse. Among the 7 commentators of ThiruvAimozhi , Swamy Desikan , AlakiyamaNavALa Jeeyar , SaakshAth Swamy and Periya ParakAla Swamy follow closely the 6000 Padi of SrI PiLLAn .

4. At the beginning of the coverage of each decad , Sri PiLLAn gives a breif introduction, which explains the sequence of the different decads following closely the thoughts of AchArya RaamAnuja .

5. According to the commentators , each centum focuses on a specific theory of VedAntha. According to Swamy Desikan , the first 20 and the last twenty Paasurams of ThiruvAimozhi summarize the essence of Vedantha
( Upanishadic) philosophy exactly in the order of important adhikaraNAs as adopted by the Vedanta SutrAs of BhadarAyaNa .

6. The author of Idu and PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai observe that ThiruvAimozhi covers the following five topics of VedAntha: “ (1) The First two centums cover the nature of Ultimate Reality ( Parasvaroopam) , (2) the third and the fiurth, the nature of the Individual Self ( PratyagAtma svarUpam) , (3) the Fifth and the sixth centums cover the means of attainment ( upAyam) , (4) the seventh and the eighth deal with the removal of obstacles in the way of attaining the goal ( PrApti VirOdhi nivrutti) , (5) the 9th and the 10th Centums deal with the nature of the goal and its attainment ( Phala Siddhi) “.

Swamy Desikan agrees with the above five groupings but observes that the 10 centums cover the ten points listed below:

“ 1. God is the Supreme Being to be sought ( Sevyatva)
2. God si the desirable object of worship ( BhOgyatva)
3. God possesses a spiritual body ( Subhatanutva)
4. God is the highest object of enjoyment( SarvabhOgyAdhikatva)
5. God is the giver of the Supreme goal ( SrEya: tadhEtudAnatva)
6. God is attainable through Prapatti ( Prapadana sulabha:)
7. God is capable of removing evil ( anishta vidhvamsana Seelatva )
8. God exercises His will in disposing Hisgrace in accordance with the desire exhibited bythe devotees (bhaktaSchandaanuvrttitva)
9. God is friendly to all unconditionally ( nirupAdhika Suhruttva)
10. God assists the individual in leading him to Moksha ( satpadavi sahAyatva). “

Swamy desikan concludes from this analysis that ThiruvAimozhi contains all that is under the scope of VedAta SaastrAs . This is what Sri PiLLAn pointed out following the golden steps of AchArya RaamAnuja .

We are indeed utterly indebted to Thrukkurhai PirAn PiLLAn for blessing us with His 6000 Padi on the charama
Prabhandham of Swamy NammAzhwAr .
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