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AHOBILAM-guide's NAME-stay facility

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LakshmiNrusimha Parabrahmane Namah :

Dear Swamin,

We have just concluded today our 10-day long Divya Desam tour starting from Ahobilam.  Ahobilam has an excellent Ahobila Madam managed by Sri Badri swamin.  There are plenty of good rooms with attached baths in the madam at a modest rate of Rs.600/- per day (Non-AC).  You can contact Shri Badri swamin on 08519-252045 / 0-9490515284.  Also for your tour of all the Nava Nrusimha Kshetrams you can engage the services of Shri A Surendra Babu (Cell : 0-8886312088 / 9492693533 / 9492942965).  Mr Babu is very well versed with all the places and is the best guide we ever met.  He charges Rs.500/- and you can cover all the 9 kshetrams in a day if you are quick.  While you will have to walk a long way to Jwala and Bhargava, the other can be reached by vehicle.  You can cover all places by normal vehicle except Bhargava and Pavana which needs special Jeep to go there, which will cost Rs.1800/- and can seat 8 persons.  There are also Dolai (Carrier)
services for aged persons which will cost Rs.1500/- per person.  Please speak to Shri Badri for this, else the rate will be higher.

Please write back to me if case you need any further information / help.

Happy Darshan....!!!!


K Lakshmi Narasimhan
Navi Mumbai

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Srimathe Nigamantha Maha Desigaya Namaha.

We plan to travel with children to Ahobilam during 22nd of this month. Is there Sorga vasal/pramapadha vasal at ahobilam like srirangam or triplicane. Can any body guide how to travel and stay.

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