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72 MeLa Raga Kritis on Sri BhUmi Devi Sameta Sri Oppiliappan :

72 MeLa Raga Kritis on Sri BhUmi Devi Sameta Sri Oppiliappan :        

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Dear BhaktAs of SrI BhUmi Devi samEta Oppiliappan :
On this NavarAtri Arambha Dinam , it is my bhAgyam to brief you on the efforts underway to record and release the 72 MeLa Raaga Kritis on the dhivya dampatis of Oppiliappan Sannidhi .Please support this Kaimkaryam .
Kaimkarya Sri , Innisai MaamaNi , dhivya GhAna PraveeNa , VaiNika VidwAmsini Srimathy Padma Veeraraghavan has composed the 72 MeLa Raaga krutis and placed them at the sacred feet of AkAsa Nagareesan ( ThiruviNNagarappan/ Oppilaa Appan) during December 2009 . These kritis are interlaced with the anubhavam of AzhwAr AruLiccheyalkaLs and IthihAsa PurANam episodes and celebrate the performance of SaraNaagathy at the sacred feet of VyOmapureeSan .
The current plans are to release six Audio CD-s with 12 MeLa Raaga Kritis each to cover all the 72 kritis on TannoppArillappan , ThiruviNNagarappan .
The first set of CD will cover the following 12 kritis, where the number of the MeLa Raagam is shown in Parantheisis. The Ones in red are Suddha Madhyama MeLams and those in Green are Pratimadhyama MELams :
RatnAngi (2) , Naataka Priyaa (10) , HaatakAmbhari (18) , VaruNa Priyaa (24) ,NaagAnandhini (30) ,
Vaagadheeswari (34) , Paavani ( 41) , Bhavapriyaa (44) , Naama NaarAyaNi ( 50) , ShyAmaLAngi(55), ChitrAmBhari (66) and Kosalam (71).
Among these 12 MeLa Raagams , three are Vaadhi MeLams and the remaining nine are VivAdhi MeLams.
An erudite article on VivAdhi MeLams is covered in the attachment , where Sri Anantharaman makes a convincing case for Musicians to compose and sing Kritis in VivAdhi MeLams and their janya Raagams.He observes:
“It will be abundantly clear that VivAdhi MeLa Raagams are definitely Beautiful and need not be excluded from concert performances by Musicians because they are perceived to be unmusical . It will also be evident that even out of the 40 of the VivAdhi MeLa Raagams ( out of a total of 72 MeLa Raagams) , only a dozen or so have popular kritis in them . Now the onus falls squarely on younger generations of Musicians to carry forward the rich heritage of VivAdhi MeLa and Janya Raaga Kritis and popularize them instead of avoiding them “ .
Srimathy Padma VeerarAghavan has just done that and composed delectable kritis eulogizing Oppiliappan in every one of the 72 MeLa Raagams including the 40 VivAdhi Raagams . This is a major accomplishment rooted in Bhakti for ThiruviNNagarappan/ Oppiliappan .Only half a dozen VaagEyakArAs (Composers) have created the kritis in 72 Mela Raagams and taught them . Srimathy Padma Veeraraghavan is one of them thanks to the anugraham of Sri Oppiliappan .
Let me take 12 Kritis forming the First CD and comment on the special aspects of each of them :
1. RatnAngi VivAdhi Raaga Kriti: The sevai of utsavar Lord Oppiliappan in RatnAngi ( a Gem-studded Kavacham) is presented here . The dhivya soundharyam of the Lord in the company of His adoring devi can be appreciated by His BhaktAs .pEy AzhwArs has swooned over the beauty of the Lord and has eulogized Him as “ILam Kumaran “ echoing the Veda Mantram passage “ Yuvaa-KumAra:” . In another section of Yajur Veda Mantrams used in udaga Saanti , our Lord is addressed as “Yavishtan “
(i-e) the most beautiful Youngman in full blossom of His Youth .U.Ve Sri Villur NadAthur KaruNAkarAcchAr Swamy has interpreted the 6th RaakshOgna (Veda) Mantram of Udaga Saanti as per Veda BhAshyams and commented on the “ILam KUmaran/Yavishtaa” aspect of the Lord’s soundharyam and the blessings that arise from worshipping Him at ThiruviNNagar as Oppilaa Appan :
“ Oh ever youthful Lord ! Although You are pervasively present everywhere as Para Brahmam , You have chosen to reside permanently at ThiruviNNagara dhivya desam for the sake of Your adiyavars . They perform many kaimkaryams for You ( ArAdhanam , TaLikai , Sevai , Utsavams , SaaRRumuRai et al) and consider themselves as the most fortunate. Every day of their lives are recognized as fortunate day by them and they are blessed with lasting wealth ( Vaazhvar Vaazhvu yeyti Jn~Alam PuhazhavE). Oppilaa Appan stays perennially as a Youth of sixteen years.”
RatnAngi MeLa Raagam is the second of the 72 MeLa Raagams.It is a vivAdhi MeLa Raagam .It belongs to Indhu chakram .The composer addresses the Lord as “ ILam KumarA “in Pallavi and confides that she is going to repeat a sacred upadEsam by Him ( solvEn Oru Mozhi , aruL mozhi , Unn ThiruvaruL mozhi) to remove our samsAric bonds and to grant us eternal tranquility . Reference here is to the declaration thru charama slOkam: “ MaamEkam SaraNam Vraja” that He adorns in His( Moolvar’s) right hand .
In anupallavi , the composer asks : is there any one equal or greater than You ( Vallaar uNDO ViNNagarA unakku).She identifies Him as “samAdhika Daridhran”, one without equal (TannoppArillappan). The composer declares that she is prostrating before Him and is singing PallANDu to Him ( PallANDu paadiyE Unn paadham paNinthOm).
In the CharaNam section , the composer describes her visualization of the jyOthi of His long abhishEkam( crown) in her mind always ( manathil sadhaa unn mangaLa MaNi mudicchOthi kaNDOm). She sees Him seated on a golden swing ( Kanaka maya Unjal) adorning His AabharaNams of RatnAngi and Mutthangi . The composer is overwhelmed by this sevai and addresses Him as the precious boon granting Moksha Daayaka Varadhan and performs SaraNAgathy at His sacred feet ( VaradhA charaNa Kamalam paNinthOm). Another endearing name that She uses to eulogize Him is “ VanamAli” . At the TuLasi Vanam blooming with many wild flowers , BhaktAs have presented Him a Vana mAlai strung with wild flowers . His assurance as a SarvalOka Rakshan is also indicated from the choice of the “VanamAli” naamam:“ VanamAli gatee Saarngi sankhee chakri cha Nandaki” . These are the Lord’s PanchAyudhams that He adorns as AabharaNam as well as weapons to rescue His bhaktAs , when they are threatened by Aasuric forces .
In this Kriti , Pey Azhwar’s enjoyment of ThiruviNNarappan as “ ILam Kumaran”and His Mani MudicchOti as enjoyed by Swamy NammAzhwAr are brought out. Swamy Nammazhwar asks in his paasuram of ThiruvAimozhi : “ MudicchOtiyAi unathu mukahcchOth malarntatuvO—ThirumAlE katturayE ?”. Oh the Lord of Lakshmi ! Please answer my question ! “Did the effulgence/jyOthi of the beauty of Your countenance radiate as the aura of the crown or vice versa? “. did Your sarva anga soundharyam become an all encompassing elegance that marks out Your form (dhivya mangaLa Vigraham) ?The composer asks Oppilaa appan the same question asked by Swamy NammAzhwAr regarding His Supreme effulgence ( Param JyOthi) , which is beyond assessment (apramEyam) and has no match to all earthly radiances ( aprAkruta JyOthi ). All the JyOthis in this world including the Moon , Stars and the Sun derive their JyOthi from His Supreme JyOthi as pointed out by KatOpanishad mantram ( Tasya bhAsA sarvamidham vibhAti ). Enjoying the sevai of Oppiliappan with sweet TuLasi on His gem-studded crown and with MahA Lakshmi on His Vakshastalam , the composer is overcome by the blissful anubhavam and declares like Swamy NammAzhwAr “ yenn solli yaan VaahztuvanE ? “. What can this poor mortal sing about Your soundharyam and KalyANa guNams , when the VedAs themselves have failed in such efforts?
Dr. BalamuraLi Krishna has composed a kruti in RatnAngi named “ SrI Gurum “. Sri Koteeswara Iyer has
created a RatnAngi Kruti starting with Pallavi “ TaruNamithE “ . The famous janya Raagam of RatnAngi MeLam is Revathy Raagam . Revathy is Lord Ranganathan’s nakshatram and when he adorns RatnAngi during the adhyayana Utsavam , it is a sevai that is unparalleled in its divine Beauty .
Oppiliappan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , V.Sadagopan


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