Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Business Week

Outsourcing:Beyond Bangalore

Companies are increasingly sending ITwork to hubs outside India. They'resaving money but facing a wholenew raft of challenges
Slide Show: Best New Outsourcing Hubs
Companies are moving IT jobs to a widening web of overseas cities—many of them far from Bangalore
Tipsheet: Outsourcing with Confidence
Looking for the next low-priced location for IT operations? Before sending your work halfway around the world, consider these tips
Vietnam's Growing Role in Outsourcing
Some of the biggest names in technology are turning to the Asian country for top-notch game design and software development
Eastern Europe's Software Solution
The dissolution of the Soviet bloc left behind a phalanx of expert software engineers, and EPAM is farming them out to top U.S. clients
Continental's Outsourcing Eye-Opener
Many stereotypes about sending work offshore don't hold true anymore, says the airline's CIO Ron Anderson-Lehman
Podcast: Where the Workers Are
IT expert Atul Vashistha discusses where the next outsourcing hot spots are
The Future of Outsourcing
Angling to be the Next Bangalore
Up-and-Comers in the Outsourcing Race
Outsourcing: Job Killer or Innovation Boost?
Outsourcing Hasn't Hit Its Peak
EDS: Getting Out Front in Outsourcing
Major Players In Outsourcing
Forget India, Let's Go to Bulgaria
Caf├ęs, Beaches, and Call Centers
Outsourcing Guide: Pramod Bhasin, Genpact CEO
Bhasin, CEO of one of the largest providers of offshore business and technology services, discusses outsourcing:
where the jobs are going and which industries will be hit next