Saturday, July 25, 2015

“ஞானப்பிரானை அல்லால் இல்லை நான் கண்ட நல்லதுவே"

It’s adiyen’s parama bhAgyam to share with bhagavatas the article titled “ஞானப்பிரானை அல்லால் இல்லை நான் கண்ட நல்லதுவே" ( nyAnappirAnai allAl illai nAn kanda nalladhuvE ) blessed by Vipascinmani Sri U Ve Navalpakkam Dr.Vasudevachariar SwaminAdiyen’s sAshtAnga praNAmanGaL to Swami for this parOpakAram. 

With Acharyan, Swami Desikan and Sri Lakshmi Hayagrivan’s anugraham, Thiruvallur Sri. Raghava Nrusimhan Swamin has put together this article into a nice document with lot of sradhdhai, bhakthi and parisramam. Adiyen’s heartfelt thanks to Thiruvallur Sri. Raghava Nrusimhan Swamin for this invaluable help.


rukmani said...

special thanks for sharing Mannai swamys srts upanyasam

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