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prapatti, saranagathi or atma nikshepam through an acharyan
Lecture by Srimaan Velukkudi Krishnan  Swami

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Fwded an article in The Hindu

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Srimathe rangarAmAnuja mahAdesikAya nama:   Studied this
article in a news paper. Surprised and found it is obvious
that one who learns srivaishnavism properly have accepted finally
that only we seek moksha, we can attain it. Rest other theories
are flawed.   The Hindu dated 03-06-2013
"Good to see that learned scholars accept that only we seek for
moksha we can attain it. Unless we seek we cannot attain it.
Crystal clear in puranas vedas prabandhas that paranyaasam,
prapatti, saranagathi or atma nikshepam through an acharyan is
the only way to get liberated."\

>   Adiyen Kidambi
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