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Tremendous - 3 (Concluding Part)
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Sreemathey Ramanujaya  Namaha
Bhagavatha Bandhus,
The foll is the concluding part of the article Tremendous -3
13)Sri Aalvandhar had 3 unfulfilled
desires, when he left for paramapadham, represented by his 3 folded
fingers & wanted swamy Ramanuja to fulfill the same, they were
1)to write commentary for bramha sutra by veda vyasa according to the Bodhayana Vritthi from the angle of Visishtadvaitha
2)To propogate Sri Nammalwar's prabhandham as ALavandhAr had great
desire for Sri Nammalwar
3)To perpetuate the memory of Veda Vyasa & Parsara
14)We all know puranas are 18 in number, but they are classified under 3 sections according to their qualities
1)Sattvika Puranas  - 
Vishnu puranam, Bhagavatha puranam, Naarada Puranam,
Paadma Puranam,varaaha Puranam and the Garuda Puranam.
2)Rajas Puranas
Vaamana, Brahma, Markandeya, Bhavishya, Brahmanda and Brahmavaivartha Puranas.
3)Tamas Puranas
Matsya, Koorma, Agni, Linga, Siva, Skandha Puranas.
15)Usually a mankind tend to possess 3 egos which comes to him
1)by his birth being in a rich or pious family
2)by his education and qualifications
3) by his fortunes, riches or wealth
All the above 3 egos, where shed by a great mahan Koorthalwan, which is beautifully
described by Amudhanar in his "Ramanuja Nootriandadhi" as
"Vanjama kurumbam kuzzhiyyai kadakkum nam koorthlwan charan
koodiya pin"
16)Again similar to the above, we
being have 3 debts, they are
1) Debts to Devas (Devar Kadan) - which can be repaid by performing yagas and yagnas
2)Debts to Pitru (Pitru Kadan) which can be repaid by continuation of the race
3)Debts to Rishi (Rishi Kadan) which can be repaid by learning vedas
17)Again the sin accumulated by us over the no of births by us is also
 3 types
18)Karmas are also of 3 types they are
1) Nithya karman (which is shastra bound and which is to be done daily ex Sadhya Vandhanam)
2)Naimithika Karma (which is not shastra bound, not necessarily a duty ex taking bath after eclipse)
3)Kamya Karmas (which is done with a desire to achieve, ex begetting children.
19) The Bhagavath Geetha 18 chapters is divided into 3 sections, each containing
six chapters called shatkam
20)Sandhya Vandhanam is to be performed by men thrice daily
1)One during sun rise (when day proceeds from night)
2)One during midday (which is the transition from ascending sun to descending sun)
3)One during sunset (when night takes over from day)
21)The fire is also classified under 3 classes they constitute Tretagni
22)Thirumangai Alwar in "thiruveezhu Kuttrikkai" describes emperumaan as
"Sundara naal thool, munneer vanna" here munneer means 3 types waters, that is
river water, spring water and rain water, all the water ultimately go and reach
the kadal or ocean emperumaan is in the same complexion just like the ocean water.
23)The Yagnopaveetham is a set made of 3 threads, for bramhachari it is 1 set, for grushta
it is 2 sets and for
sanyasai it is again 1 set, similarly the thirumangnalyam is tied with
3 knots during marriage ceremonies.
24) The  sloka of  Vishnu Sashranamam says Trilokathma, Trilokkesha keshava kesi ha hari: 
Here Trilokatma meaning -
1)One who moves about in the 3 worlds
2)One who makes the 3 worlds to move about
3)one who is the athma for everything in the 3 worlds
Trilokesha means
One who is the ruler and lord of the 3 worlds. Thus the lord is
the Protector of all the 3 world.
25)Last but not the least, of all the works we were blessed by Swqamy Ramanuja, the
most important is Gadya trayam (3 Gadyams), with which Swamy Ramanuja performed
Sharnagathi, on a Panguni Utthiram Day, first pleads Piratti to recommend to the Lord
The three prose pieces (Gadyas) are expressions of the inner experiences of the
 great Acharya and are to be ranked with the mystic poetry of our Azhvars.
The gadyas are
1)Sharangathi Gadyam
2)Sri Ranga Gadyam
3)Sri Vaikunta Gadyam
Thus goes the importance of the Number 3, Let us all take refugee in the Lotus Feet
of Swamy Ramanuja, who is the Jagat acharyan, and who leads us to the eternal
Sri Vaikuntam as explained in Dhaati panchakam as "Vishnu Loka Mani Mandapa
Emperumaanar thiruvadegale Sharanam
Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan
Geetha Vasudevan

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